Premium ELKO – Electrolytic capacitors

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The Premium ELKOs are made with a smooth foil to allow for less loss and to offer better performance and sound in audio application.Electrolytic Capacitors are in small in size and offers good performance on crossovers, where sizing is an important factor.

These capacitors are especially excellent for the bass section of crossovers, due to their reasonable pricing in high capacitance values, compared to MKT or MKP capacitors.

These German made high-end bi-polar electrolytic capaticors, are made with a thin dielectric insulation (70 VDC) and are very precise, as they are offered with a tolerance of only 5% on capacitance values.

The thinner dieletric insulation makes for a capacitor with very low ESR/SEL and low dielectric absorption, making it a fast reacting audio grade capacitor.

Bi-polar electrolytic capacitors such as the Premium ELKOs, feature a secondary aluminium foil, providing sufficient AC voltage resistance, making them highly suitable for audio application.

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