Celestra RA Series RA150m High End Amplifier


We wish to introduce you this HI-END – PURE A CLASS amplifier with some technical descriptions:


We wish to introduce you this amp  with some technical descriptions:

  • mono amplifier dedicated to low-mid, midrange or full-range 2 or 3 ways system;
  • The best choice also for center channel in 5.1 systems
  • Output power 150Wrms, 240Wrms into 2 ohm;
  • “audiophile grade” audio quality – Zero Feedback Ratio Design;
  • 500W DC (@12V) high frequency switching power supply;
  • bessel linear phase and low noise filters;
  • high pass for external amps (12Db/ott) can be tuned from 250Hz to 3.5KHz
  • low pass filter (18Db/ott) can be tuned from 250Hz to full-range;
  • no one aluminum capacitor or mechanical switch on signal path;
  • 200W complementary 2 pair power Mosfet in the audio output stage;
  • intelligent electronic protect design allow large extra output currents;
  • very compact outline, with integrated high flux fan;
  • fine chromed and polished finish.


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Weight 1 kg