Peerless 835017 XXLS-12″ Aluminum Cone Subwoofer


This new series of state-of-the-art subwoofers continue to enhance Peerless’ reputation for delivering the highest quality components for bass in the world. Called the XXLS – for “Xpanded Extra Long Stroke” – these new audio transducers add even more excursion to the Peerless XLS line, and completely eliminate distortion. See architecture notes for XXLS Platform

Driver features: Alu. Cone, 51mm Voice Coil, ALP


Peerless 835017 XXLS 12″ Aluminum Cone Subwoofer

This 12 inch 4 ohm member of the XXLS product family has all the design features suitable for a high performance, high excursion subwoofer driver. The motor features a double ferrite magnet motor, supporting high excursion, and aluminium shorting rings and pole extenders, lowering and linearizing the inductance of the overhung voice coil. The PP cone is vented under the dust cap, to reduce air compression. The suspension system features a low-creep rubber surround, and a nomex spider, ensuring long-term reliability under high power conditions. The product also features a rigid cast aluminium basket.

  • 4 ohm impedance
  • Black aluminum cone
  • Large roll rubber surround
  • Low distortion motor
  • 50mm voice coil diameter
  • 12.5mm linear excursion (x-max peak)
  • Suitable for home or autosound systems

Sealed Box Alignment:

Home: You can use this woofer in a sealed and stuffed box of about 1.25 cubic feet for an in home F3 of 45Hz.  If used with a plate amp that has a built in boost, it might get down to the mid to upper 30’s.

Car: If a 1 cubic foot sealed box is used in a vehicle, assuming 6dB of cabin gain, your F3 would be about 27Hz.

Vented Box Alignment:

Home:  You can use a 2.5 cubic foot box with a 3″ diameter vent by 13″ long for an F3 of 30Hz.  If using a plate amp with a built in boost, it should go to the lower 20’s.

In a 3.3 cubic foot box with 3″ diameter vent by 9″ long your f3 will be about 26Hz.

Car: Sealed boxes are usually recommended for autosound applications as vented boxes can seem boomy.


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Weight 6.14 kg